Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a full length ballet in two acts, and was created in 2006 for Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet. It was my very first major work, and it holds a very special place in my heart.

The ballet is an adaptation of the famous J.M Barrie novel, and follows the wonderful adventures of Peter and Tinkerbell, Wendy Darling and her brothers Michael and John. There are Pirates and Lost Boys, the nasty Captain Hook along with Tigerlily and the Crocodile. In 2008 when the ballet was re-staged I added the character of Nana into the London scenes which was a lot of fun. It was very important to me that the characters really fly in the production, so I worked with the amazing team at Flying by FOY in Las Vegas to choreograph and plan the flying sequences.

Peter Pan has been performed and toured by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, and in 2011 I re-staged the production on Pittsburgh Ballet Theater.

Festival Ballet Providence performed Peter Pan in 2014, and will return to the stage in Pittsburgh and Winnipeg in 2016.

Choreographer Jorden Morris talks about his ballet Peter Pan in an interview recorded at Aspire at Hotel Providence.

Peter Pan 1

Choreographer: Jorden Morris
Music: Various Composers
Costume Design: Anne Armit
Set & Properties Design: Andrew Beck & Donald Rutley
Lighting Design: Bill Williams
Photo credits: David Cooper and Bruce Monk


Peter Pan 17

Peter Pan

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The Doorway

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