Moulin Rouge the Ballet

Moulin Rouge is a full length ballet in 2 acts created in 2009 to mark the 70th anniversary of Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company.

The ballet follows the journey of two young souls in Paris – Nathalie, a launderette hoping to make a career on stage at the famous Moulin Rouge Cabaret – and Mathieu, a young painter hoping to achieve fame and fortune in Paris. The ballet tells the story of their love, adversities and ultimate sacrifice.

The iconic Moulin Rouge in Paris is very particular about who they give permission to and ultimately grant the rights to use the name Moulin Rouge. As of today, the film Director Baz Lurman and myself are the only two directors allowed such a great honor. It is also a great responsibility, and I had to work very closely with the team in Paris while creating the storyboards, soundtrack and sets/costumes.

The success of Moulin Rouge the Ballet has truly been overwhelming. It has been on tour in North America every year since its creation in 2009. I have also re-staged the production for Atlanta Ballet and Pittsburgh Ballet Theater. Upcoming international tours of Moulin Rouge the Ballet are planned for 2014 and 2015 which I am very excited about.

Most recently, my production of Moulin Rouge the Ballet was developed and made into a major motion picture to be released in February 2014. Thanks to Paquin Entertainment, Rivard Television and Cineplex Odeon for making this wonderful project a reality.

Moulin Rouge 1

Choreographer: Jorden Morris
Music: Various Composers
Costume Design: Anne Armit & Shannon Lovelace
Set & Properties Design: Andrew Beck
Lighting Design: Pierre Lavoie
Dramaturge: Rick Skene
Make-up Design: Melissa Gibson
Photo credits: Kat Villacorta, Rejean Brandt & Aimee DiAndrea

Moulin Rouge 8

In the spirit of the Moulin Rouge of Paris, Moulin Rouge® is a registered trademark of Moulin Rouge S.A.


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